Sunset Boulevard

Audition Dates: December 16 & 17, 2019, 7:00 PM

Performance Dates: February 28-March 15, 2020

Director and Choreographer: James Grenelle
Music Director:  William Coleman

Central Park Performing Arts Center
105 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL

Please prepare 16 bars of a Musical Theatre song (in your key) that showcases your range and personality.

Bring sheet music; a pianist will be provided.

No acapella or recorded music.

Wear or bring proper dance attire as a movement combination may be taught (no sandals or flip-flops). 

There may be readings from the script.

Rehearsals are Monday-Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Please bring a list of any conflicts to the audition along with a 
current headshot and resume (if you have one).


Norma Desmond: (Age 45-60) A beautiful but eccentric faded star of the silent screen era. Once the biggest name in Hollywood, she is a recluse in her decaying mansion. A woman of great pride and passion with hopes of a comeback. It’s important to note that she is not crazy. She lives inside her delusion, thereby making her extremely fragile. Must be able to negotiate difficult rhythms and melodies and have huge vocal chops as the show is almost sung-through. Vocal range: Soprano to E, Alto-lyric belter.

Joe Gillis: (Age 25-35) A handsome but just past his prime screenwriter whose career is in decline. His playboy looks and manners used to open every door but things have changed. He moves in with Norma Desmond all the while falling in love with young Betty Schaefer; an absolute charmer with a dark side. Vocal range: strong legit/pop tenor to an A.

Max Von Mayerling: (Age 45-60) Norma’s devoted butler, protects her from the outside world at all costs. A dark and ominous presence in the mansion, he was Norma’s director and first husband, dramatic baritone. Vocal range: Vocal bass/baritone to high F.

Betty Schaefer: (Age 18-25) A beautiful young aspiring writer with spunk, teams up with Joe on a script and they fall in love (despite her engagement to Artie), ultimately Joe breaks her heart. Vocal range: legit/pop soprano to top A; belt to C

Artie Green: (Age 25-30) Betty’s fiancé, a self-described “Jewish Casanova,” a good-hearted guy and energetic. Vocal range: Bari-tenor

Cecil B. DeMille: (Age 60-70) The iconic Hollywood film director who made Norma Desmond a star, historic figure. Light commitment—may double in the Ensemble. Vocal range: Bari-Tenor

Sheldrake: (Age 50-60) Movie producer on the Paramount lot and Betty’s boss; demanding and dismissive. Doubles in the Ensemble. Vocal range: Light Baritone

Manfred: (Age 45-55) An expensive men’s tailor hired by Norma to fit Joe for a new suit. Doubles in the Ensemble. Vocal range: High Baritone.

Ensemble: Broad range of males and females of all ethnicities from 18-65. Excellent singing voices in all ranges. All shapes and sizes to play everything from movie extras to salesmen, police, and beauticians. A featured, versatile ensemble that helps define this world of classic Hollywood. Dancers a plus.

In her mansion on Sunset Boulevard, faded, silent-screen goddess Norma Desmond lives in a fantasy world. Impoverished screenwriter Joe Gillis, on the run from debt collectors, stumbles into her reclusive domain. Persuaded to work on Norma’s “masterpiece,” a film script that she believes will put her back in front of the cameras, he is seduced by her and her luxurious lifestyle. Joe becomes entrapped in a claustrophobic existence until his love for another woman leads him to try and break free with dramatic consequences. Based on one of the most famous classic films, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Tony Award-winning masterwork of dreams and desire in the land called Hollywood includes a lush, swelling score including With One Look and As If We Never Said Goodbye.

Central Park Performing Arts Center, 105 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL
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