Audition Dates:
March 4 & 5, 2018
7:00 PM

Performance Dates:
May 11-20, 2018

Central Park Performing Arts Center
105 Central Park Drive

Please prepare 16 bars of a Musical Theatre song (in your key)
that showcases your range and personality.
Bring sheet music; a pianist will be provided.
No acapella or recorded music.
Wear or bring proper dance attire (no sandals or flip-flops).
There may be readings from the script.

Rehearsals are Monday - Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Please bring a list of any conflicts to the audition along with a
current headshot and resume (if you have one).

Cast Requirements

Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde (ages 30-40): Emma’s fiancé; a doctor obsessed with discovering the true nature behind the good and evil in man. After he uses an experimental formula on himself, his evil side—Edward Hyde—takes control. As Hyde, he is violent, commanding, and a sexual deviant attracted to Lucy.
Vocal range: Bb2-A4

Lucy Harris (ages 25-30): The gorgeous “main attraction” at “The Red Hat,” a local gentleman’s club. At the bottom of her luck, she becomes the object of Hyde’s obsession. Lucy is feisty and wild, but also cautious and aware.
Vocal range: G#3-F#5

Emma Carew (ages 20-25): The daughter of Chairman Danvers and Jekyll’s beloved fiancée who is refined and desired by all of the socialite men.
Vocal range: A3-C6

John Utterson (ages 30-45): Jekyll’s lawyer and friend. He advises the troubled doctor on personal and professional affairs.
Vocal range: B2-F#4

Sir Danvers Carew (ages 60-70): Emma’s loving father and Chairman of the Voard of Governors. A charming and gentle man.
Vocal range: C3-F#4

Simon Stride (ages 30-40): The secretary of the Board of Governors and Jekyll’s rival for Emma’s affections. Vocal range: A2-G4

Bishop of Basingstoke (ages 40-60): A hypocritical, sadistic man of the cloth and a member of the Board of Governors.
Vocal range: C#3-G4

Lady Beaconsfield (ages 45-60): Wealthy well-dressed society matron and member of the Board of Governors; has an opinion on everything.
Vocal range: G3-E5

Lord Savage (ages 40-60): Wealthy socialite and member of the Board of Governors; man-about-town with other more important things to be doing.
Vocal range: Tenor

General Lord Glossop (ages 50-60): A pompous retired army man and member of the Board of Governors; older, formidable, ramrod straight with a cruel mouth.
Vocal range: G#3-C4

Sir Archibald Proops (ages 45-60): A lawyer of the Queen’s Counsel and member of the Board of Governors; quick, methodical, all-business.
Vocal range: B2-E4

Nellie (ages 20-30): Prostitute and friend of Lucy. Ensemble role.
Vocal range: Mezzo

Spider (ages 35-45): A pimp and proprietor of “The Red Hat.” Ensemble role.
Vocal range: Baritone

Poole (any age): Jekyll’s manservant. Ensemble role
Vocal range: any

Ensemble (all vocal ranges and ages) to play Aristocrats, Party Guests, Prostitutes, Policemen, Servants, Street people, etc.

The epic struggle between good and evil comes to life on stage in the musical phenomenon, Jekyll & Hyde. Featuring a thrilling score of pop rock hits from multi-Grammy- and Tony-nominated Frank Wildhorn and double-Oscar- and Grammy-winning Leslie Bricusse, this gothic musical thriller has mesmerized audiences the world over. An evocative tale of two personalities – one, a doctor, passionate and romantic; the other, a terrifying madman – and two women – one, beautiful and trusting; the other, beautiful and trusting only herself– both women in love with the same man and both unaware of his dark secret. Will good overcome evil? Don’t miss a moment of this chilling musical with a powerful score.