Audition Dates:
December 11 & 12, 2017
7:00 PM

Performance Dates:
March 2-18, 2018

Central Park Performing Arts Center
105 Central Park Drive

Please prepare 16 bars of a Musical Theatre song (in your key)
that showcases your range and personality.
Bring sheet music; a pianist will be provided.
No acapella or recorded music.
Wear or bring proper dance attire (no sandals or flip-flops).
There may be readings from the script.

Rehearsals are Monday - Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Please bring a list of any conflicts to the audition along with a
current headshot and resume (if you have one).

Cast Requirements

Annie Oakley - (age 25+; Mezzo) - backwoods woman who becomes the star of the Wild West Show, competitive, strong woman who falls in love with Frank Butler

Frank Butler - (age 40+; Baritone) - Leading Man to Annie Oakley, has a bit of a swagger, very sure of himself; handsome

Buffalo Bill Cody - (50+; Baritone) - owner and founder of the Wild West Show, white-maned and bearded, imposing man

Dolly Tate - (age 40+; Alto) - Frank’s assistant in the Wild West Show, slightly blousy and over-the-hill redhead, been around a bit

Tommy Keeler - (age 20+; Tenor) - young, handsome knife thrower, has long, dark hair and bronzed skin which attests to his mixed-blood heritage, in love with Winnie

Winnie Tate - (age17+; Mezzo) - Tommy’s assistant, pretty younger sister of Dolly Tate, sweet girl, in love with Tommy

Charlie Davenport - (age 50+; Baritone) - General Manager of the Wild West Show, middle-aged and very bald “road warrior” who has seen and heard everything show business has to offer

Foster Wilson - (age 50+; non-singing) - grizzled hotelier, “salty”, discovers Annie, kind of “fatherly” to Annie

Mac - (age 40+; non-singing) - the Prop Man of the Wild West Show

Chief Sitting Bull - (age 50+; non-singing) - noble-looking Sioux warrior

Jessie - (age 14; Alto) - Annie’s little sister

Nellie - (age 12; Alto) - Annie’s other little sister

Little Jake - (age 10; Alto) - Annie’s little brother

Running Deer - (age 20+; ensemble) - American Indian member of the Wild West Show

Eagle Feather - (age 20+; ensemble) - American Indian member of the Wild West Show

Pawnee Bill - (age 50+; non-singing) - a shorter, rounder version of Buffalo Bill

Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter - (age 50+; ensemble) - elegant socialite

Mrs. Schuyler Adams - (age 50+; ensemble) - elegant socialite

Ensemble - Dining Car Waiter, Sleeping Car Porter, Messenger, Band Leader, Cowboys, Indians, Young Men and Ladies, Kings and Queens of Europe, Debutantes, Socialites, et al

Based on the true story of legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley, this classic western rags-to-riches musical shows the tenacity of the human spirit. When backwoods Annie is entered into a shooting match with the sharpshooting star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, she falls head over heels in love. The womanizing Frank Butler can’t help but be charmed by the rough and naïve Annie. Despite hard luck, pride, and sabotage, Annie triumphs and learns that, in fact, there’s no business like show business! This tuneful score boasts classics like They Say it’s Wonderful, I Got Lost in His Arms, You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun, I Got the Sun in the Morning, and the rousing Anything You Can Do. Wrangle your kin for this whooping good time!